Angular 15

The latest version of the most demanded front-end framework, Angular, is there with its latest release Angular 15. 

Angular 15 is the newest release version of angular. It will release on 16 November 2022. Angular is a most demanding framework and it is a front-end -framework. Angular 15 is an updated version of Angular 14 and Angular 13.

Furthermore, what is angular 15 and its updated features? are all angular 15 in-depth described in this blog.  And also we will guide update angular 14 to angular 15 with step by step. So stick with us and read on.

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New Features And Updates Angular 15

angular 15

Finally, angular 15 released by google with amazing new features and updates. So, let’s without wasting time Technical Core Engineers are releasing the blog.

Stable Standalone API

Standalone API is stable. These features are long-awaited components that can enable developers to build an Angular application without using any models. So, developers can easily developed applications using Angular 15.

Angular stable standalone components are currently in the developer preview stage. This component that operates independently is anticipated to be stable in Angular 15. 

Also, Making a standalone component is a straightforward process: Simply add the Standalone: true attribute to your components.

Directive Composition API

Directive composition API is a new feature of angular 15. It is one of the most requested features from angular. 

Directive composition API allows us to compare directives into components and other directives. This API works with standalone property, the 15 version added a hostDirectives property.

Moreover, Directives composition APIs simplify the UI composition using angular directives.

Router auto unwraps default exports

Modules can be exported in two in typescript

  1. Using export: This object being expected has a name
  2. Using export default: When using export default syntax, the object being exported need not have a name.

During lazy loading, If the angular router finds a default export, it uses it automatically. Thus reducing the boilerplate code.

The image directive is now stable

The image directive property is stable now. That developer developed it in collaboration with chrome aurora.

The angular15 release also includes a few new features for the image directive:

  • Automatic reset generation
  • Fill mode

So, You can use the standalone NgOptimizedImage directive directly in your component or NgModule.

Functional Router Guard

So, Angular 15 brings other innovations to reduce the boilerplate code. The new function router guards offer a leaner approach to implementing guards directly in the declaration. Using a functional route guard developer can create factory-like functions, the function accepts parameters and returns a guard based on input parameters.

Better Stack Traces

A better Stack Trace is a debugging angular application that had simplified and made cleaner and straightforward with stack traces. With a new async stack tagging API developed in collaboration with the chrome DevTools team.

angular 15
Stable MDC-based components

The stable MDC-based components are most of the refactoring work that had done in the DOM and CSS parts. There are all the latest updates on responsiveness, there will some styles in the old angular applications that need adjustment, especially in the case of CSS overriding internal elements of the migrated components.

Furthermore, This component is enhanced to offer better accessibility and abidance to the angular material design specification. The latest version of angular 15 is more features and an updated release for easy development y developers.

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Upgrade to Angular 15

Finally, time to upgrade from angular 14 to angular 15. Refer to the angular upgrade guide URL: That provides complete guidance to upgrade the version of angular.

So, Technical core Engineers guide some reference URLs. So, you have to use this URL and upgrade the lower version to the latest version from the angular application.

References URL


Angular 15 FAQ

Q: What is Angular 

 Angular is a platform and framework for creating a single-page application using HTML and Typescript.

Q: What is new in Angular 15

Angular 15 is the latest and most popular version of the SPA framework. The update includes a Stable API, Image Directory Stable, Directory Sable Components, stable MCD-based components, and much more!


Finally, As you can see there are many changes in angular 15 frameworks. So, Tecoreng releases angular 15 features and update release this blog and try to make it simple and understandable. So read this article and enjoy more!